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Advertisements for Bids

Advertisement for Bids are projects that are currently open to the public for bidding. Follow the instructions on the Advertisment for Bids form if you are interested in bidding. If you have questions you may call us at 715-577-1369.

Bid forms and Contract Documents may be seen at the office of the Owner and our office. Contractors desiring a copy of the Bid Forms and Contract Documents may obtain them in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders upon payment of $30.00/set. Checks should be made out to Krause Power Engineering, LLC. No refunds will be provided.

Questions regarding delivery of the Bid Forms and Contract Documents should be directed to 715-577-5558 or Technical questions should be directed to the Engineer by calling 715-577-1369 or by email at

Client Name: None at this time.
Project Number:  
Project Name: 
Bid Opening Date:  

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Planholder's List

The Planholder's List identifies all companies who have requested the bidding documents for a particular project.

Client Name: None at this time.
Project Number:  
Project Name: 
Bid Opening Date:  
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Bidder's Tabulation

The Bidder's Tabulation is a list of each of the companies who bid on a project and the amount of their bid.

Client Name:  Trempealeau Municipal Electric Department
Project Number:  TRM-17-01.1
Project Name: Distribution Reconstruction / Voltage Conversion
Bid Opening Date:  February 23, 2017
Successful Bidder:  Pending
Planholders Bid Amount
La Crosse Builders Exchange, Inc No Bid
M.J. Electric, LLC $497,943.90
MasTec North America No Bid
Michels Power $499,887.36
Moll's Utility Services No Bid
PieperLine $748,637.75
Push Incorporated $428,256.30

Client Name:  Oconomowoc Utilities
Project Number:  OCN-17-01.1
Project Name: Underground Supplemental Labor 
Bid Opening Date:  February 28, 2017
Successful Bidder:  PieperLine
Planholders Bid Amount
CMD No Bid
InterCon $516,302.00
Intren $629,197.71
M.J. Electric, LLC No Bid
Michels Power $666,991.45
MP Nexlevel, LLC No Bid
PieperLine $575,119.51
Pro Electric, Inc. No Bid
Push Incorporated $674,693.00
The Blue Book No Bid

Client Name:  Waterloo Utilities
Project Number:  WTR-17-01.1
Project Name: Distribution Reconstruction Phase 1 
Bid Opening Date:  March 10, 2017, at 11:00 a.m. CST
Successful Bidder:  Michels Power
Planholders Bid Amount
Construction Market Data Group LLC No Bid
InterCon No Bid
Intren No Bid
M.J. Electric No Bid
Michels Power $218,305.99
PieperLine $221,216.23

Client Name: Waunakee Utilities
Project Number:  WNK-17-01.1
Project Name: North Substation Upgrades
Bid Opening Date:  May 11, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. CDT
Successful Bidder:  M.J. Electric, LLC
Planholders Bid Amount
Conductor Power, LLC No Bid
Energis High Voltage Resources $202,250.00
Hooper Corporation No Bid
M. J. Electric, LLC $163,617.00
Pieperline No Bid